Ball Inversion Therapy

Ball Inversion Therapy is a new form of Yoga Therapy which brings balance to the skeletal structure and physiology while conferring profound psychological benefits. Inversion is effective and rapid in producing lasting transformation on many levels. It has the same benefits as a headstand in Yoga, but in a passive and much more comfortable way. It allows the client to surrender to gravity and release tension, emotions and deep seated psychological problems.

It has proven to be successful treating

  • Neck injuries, headaches or migraines
  • Imbalances in the hormone system, e.g. infertility
  • Imbalances in the nervous system and all stress related diseases
  • High blood pressure and heart problems, heart flutter
  • Depression, phobias, neurosis, traumas
  • Toxicity
  • Digestive Problems
  • Communication problems, e.g. autism

Some of the positive effects are:

  • Increased cell oxygenation of all organs stimulating detoxification
  • Calmness by slowing down of mental processes
  • Presence of the mind as all other sensations fade away
  • Cheerfulness as a result of increased oxygen in the brain
  • Inducing alpha wave brain activity
  • Physical relaxation by gentle stretching, massaging and releasing the breath
  • Increased energy, endurance and stamina
  • A feeling of being connected, authentic and grounded