On Site Yoga

The ideal way to restore energy, improve posture and core strength.  Taught by a highly experienced yoga teacher, all classes are designed to improve the state of mind and lower stress levels through a series of flowing yoga poses. Breathing exercises, stretching and relaxing the body has an immediate effect to make you more alert, awake, creative, efficient and to increase vitality. Lunchtime or evening classes are available.

Desk Yoga

Desk yoga is accessible and fun for everybody. Yoga classes are held in the office, in your chair and standing. In a 30 or 60 minute session the main areas of tension in shoulders and back will be revitalised with easy to accomplish poses. This will include breathing exercises and meditation techniques to quieten the mind and bring a greater sense of wellbeing. It will also give your staff tools to deal with stressful situations and keep calm on a day to day basis.